Why use Commander Hub?

Isometric view of various buildings connecting to Commander Hub server.

Remote monitoring

Commander Hub provides secure remote monitoring and editing, long-term recording of building data, and pro-active notifications.

Isometric view of Commander Hub servers in the centre with various connections radiating from it.

Secure transfer and storage

All data sent from your Commander to the Hub is secured in transit and at rest using standard AES encryption. HTTPS keeps browser connections secure.

Isometric view of various users connecting to Commander Hub server.

Shared access

Commander Hub is built around managed shared access. Users can invite others to view data from their Commanders easily, to help improve building operation.

Who is Commander Hub for?

For building occupants

Access values from your building anywhere, with simple editing provided. Share access with service providers, who can then offer better support, whilst keeping your IT networks secure.

For installers

Remote monitoring and editing, without the need for on-site PCs or complex IT configuration. Easy set up that works over any Internet connection – even a low-cost 3G/4G router.

For service providers

Combine multiple client sites into a single dashboard, enabling easier real-time maintenance that can become more pro-active. Simplify the management of staff access to your customer’s sensitive data. Enable new layers of operation, such as concierge services for busy customers.

Laptop, PC, phone, and tablet devices showing Commander Hub website.

Monitoring made easy

Connect to Commander Hub using any modern browser on your laptop, PC or mobile device. Click the Get started button below to register, or download the datasheet for more information.